Elements slot

Elements slot is based on the four main elements: earth, air, fire and water and all have their own unique features in this slot that is among the latest releases from Net Entertainment and has been long awaited by the slot players. The game has a number of unique features that have never before been seen in any other video slots so far. These all add to the anticipation of the game and really show how far casino slots have come in the last year or so. NetEnt of course kept this slot hidden until the very end of the year in order to go out with a bang with Elements: the awakening slot.

So what are the new features in Elements?

NetEnt have definitely been brain storming before coming up with this slot as they have re done almost every area of the slot to make it slightly different from all the other games they have released so far this year, from the graphics to the symbols to the free spins/falls and their use of wild symbols just about everything has been tweaked to deliver an all new version of slot playing which gives us all a taster of what is to come in 2013 and keep us hooked on Net Entertainment’s slots. So some of the new features you will find are:

  • the energy meter
  • the avalanche meter
  • 4 free fall modes
  • 4 different wild symbols

Elements energy meter

The energy meter is the square button in the very centre of the Elements slot and has four individual sections to it, each one represents a different element. One for earth, air, fire and water with the one that eventually fills up the most being the one that will the one that the gets to be the element present in free falls mode. It fills up every time a winning combination is made, if the bet line was made up of water symbols then the water symbol will fill up a bit. The one with the most filled up section is of course the one who wins.

Elements avalanche meter

The avalanche meter runs across the slot on top of the spin button and has four crystals that protrude from it. These are unlit for the start of the game, but once you get a winning bet line and the symbols fall away with the avalanche and create more new bet lines the crystals will start lighting up. Get four avalanche wins in a row to light up all four crystals and make your way to the free falls mode that corresponds to the element in the energy meter.

Free Fall modes

The free falls come in four different versions in Elements: the awakening slot one for each of the four main elements. The element that you get in the free falls depends on which element was the most dominant in your energy level when you filled up the avalanche meter, whichever one it was will determine which free falls you get. Each free fall mode differs from the other with regards to the wild symbols that are used and the atmosphere in which they take place.The wild symbols create what is called a wild storm and each one has a whole lot of big wins to offer.

Fire storm wild

The fire element sets you up for the fire free falls which of course come with the fire wilds. These wilds are so hot they can’t stay in one place so they move on to two other symbols in any way around the first symbol. So by just getting one fire wild on any of the reels 2, 3 or 4 you will actually get three wilds since once they cover the other two symbols that makes three and an even bigger chance to get one of the 20 bet lines available. For those of you who have tried the Frankenstein slot from NetEnt then you will recognise this kind of fiery wild.

Air storm wild

Air storm wilds take the centre stage in air inspired free falls, with these wilds appearing from the very first free fall and will remain there for the whole ten falls, but they will blow like the wind to other spaces to the right of the starting wild symbols and every where they blow onto and touch will change into an air wild and give you many more chances to win lots of money.

Earth storm wild

The earth storm wild takes its position and remains there until you get a winning combo and will stay there strong and steady like a mountain until there are no more winning lines to be had. This can be on any single reel at any single given time.

Water storm wilds

Of course this free fall mode has water wilds, these can appear on reels two, three and four and are basically expanding wilds. Wherever they appear they will grow to cover all three rows and create more opportunities to bag yourself some nice big element wins.